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Software Development

Enterprise Analytics focus on developing bespoke enterprise software solutions covering industry specific business requirements. Our expert panel of software architects and business analysts are capable in identifying specific business requirements and convert them into sustainable and productive software solutions. All our product developments have yielded into trustworthy relationships where we passionately driven to always provide the best to our clients.

We push ourselves at all times by continuously improving our development skills in up and coming areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet-of-Things (IOT), Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) / Mixed Reality (MR), Blockchain, etc.

Software Development


Product Design

We strongly believe presentation and usability of a system sends a powerful message for the end user’s expectations. Our UX/UI team focuses developing ergonomics which are critical for end users whilst maintaining the scalability and efficiency of the solution.

We closely collaborate with our customers in the process to assure best ideas of both worlds are met. We offer following services for product design projects we undertake.

  • Concept development
  • Hi/Lo-fi prototyping
  • Overall solution architecture and design
  • Design specification creation
  • UX reviews

Product Development

Adhering to global coding standards, using state of the art tools and technologies has made us the best in the industry when it comes to product development. We follow our own agile framework using scrum certified professionals to effectively manage seamless delivery of our projects. Using state of the art automated testing tools and techniques have proven to be effective where our delivery has become more and more efficient and reliable over the years.

Our product development team always focus on building software solutions that last long and can easily be customized and localised based on customer requirements. We highly value our own security and integration frameworks that make our software solutions stand out from the rest.

  • Full stack development
  • Web, desktop or device specific applications
  • Quality assurance (Manual testing/Test automation)
  • Native/Hybrid mobile app development (iOS/Android and Windows Mobile)

Other Services

It can be a difficult task to change from an existing legacy system to a new platform. We can help you on such tedious tasks. We provide services in migrating and upgrading from existing complex, expensive, proprietary and difficult to maintain legacy systems to modern open standard platforms and development environments.

  • Review current system
  • Re-writing new architecture
  • Migrate or upgrade data

We help businesses to overcome challenges faced by having multiple systems to support their business. We develop solutions to integrate your new applications with external third-part solutions or internal enterprise solutions that becomes the intelligent middle-tier who automatically does the work for you.

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • API design
  • Solution architecture  

We offer tailored support and maintenance services for solutions developed by us as well as for solution you may already have. This is ideal for organizations who wants to reduce their internal IT overheads. Our expert team will provide required services as per the agreement with the customer.

  • ITIL based Service Level Agreements
  • Cloud or in-house hosting management
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Periodic statistic reporting